Death Guard: Battleforce – Plaguefester Warband (Release date 17/12)

Death Guard: Battleforce – Plaguefester Warband (Release date 17/12)

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The Death Guard are the greatest champions of the Plague God, Grandfather Nurgle. His favoured spreaders of his bounteous gifts. Look upon them, and see the signs. Pus seeping from festering wounds that never heal; miasmic smogs of corrosive, stinking gas hanging thickly in the air wherever Nurgle’s chosen tread; the wriggling, lamprey-mouthed tick-leeches that clamp onto their rotting flesh; the droning billions of plague flies that swarm the battlefields they stalk; and the ships upon which they course through the stars. See them stride through their foes’ defences, impervious to incoming fire. Hear them gurgle and retch their praises to the Lord of Decay as they hack heavy, envenomed blades through those that stand against them. Breathe deep of the lung-clogging pollutants pumped from their flesh-fuelled power packs. See how their enemies recoil in their mere presence – writhing, vomiting, hacking, coughing, screaming, contorting. See how the foe’s flesh is liquefied by the toxic ooze in which the Death Guard drench them. See how their armour bubbles and melts!

If you're after a nigh-unstoppable force that advances inexorably into battle, and against which even the fiercest assault will break, the Plaguefester Warband is the set for you. In addition to a solid force of infantry in the form of Plague Marines and Deathshroud Terminators, you'll get the supporting firepower of a Plagueburst Crawler and a trio of deadly Myphitic Blight-haulers.

This set includes the following multipart plastic kits:

- 1x Plague Champion
- 1x Plague Marine Icon Bearer
- 1x Plagueburst Crawler
- 3x Deathshroud Terminators
- 3x Myphitic Blight-haulers
- 7x Plague Marines

These kits are supplied with 3x 80mm round bases, 3x 40mm round bases, and 10x 32mm round bases. They are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.